Blockchain for Blockheads

5 July 2018

By: Tony Marston, Director, Research & Development, Geoprise Technologies Licensing

I recently had a conversation with someone from the academic world who thought that integrating blockchain into business applications such as ERP systems involves nothing more than transferring financial data. That conversation prompted me to write this article in hopes of shining light into the darkness.

The Inside Story of GM-X ERP for Blockchain

10 January 2018

By: Nelson M. Nones CPIM, Founder, Chairman and President, Geoprise Technologies Corporation

I recently co-authored a book with Dr. Janson Yap, “Wow! How Did You Know That?” (Chatswood, Australia: Gadwise; 2017. 275 p. ISBN 978-9811156618.). If you're interested in reading it, head over here where you can order a copy.

What's this got to do with the inside story of GM-X ERP for Blockchain? Plenty, as it turns out ...

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