Technology Partners

Coin Sciences Ltd

Coin Sciences Ltd is a leading blockchain technology company, founded in 2014. Coin Sciences develops MultiChain, which is a leading blockchain platform, providing features such as permissions management, native assets, data streams and simple configuration and deployment. MultiChain is bundled with the GM-X ERP for Blockchain solution and has been used successfully for blockchain projects in many of the world's largest banks, consulting firms, financial technology and IT companies. 

Radicore Software Limited

Radicore Software Limited, established in 2005, markets and supports the RADICORE Rapid Application Development Toolkit for building enterprise applications which are platform independent, browser independent and database independent. RADICORE  is based on a combination of the 3 Tier Architecture and model-view-controller (MVC) Design Pattern, and comes with pre-built and reusable components in the data access and presentation layers. The GM-X ERP application is built using the RADICORE framework.

Service Partners

Singsys Pte Ltd

Singsys Pte Ltd is a leading professional team of skilled and talented UI/UX designers, Web developers and application developers, comprising a team of over 200 dedicated professionals located in Singapore and Lucknow, India who are trained and certified in GM-X ERP application deployment and customization. Singsys has a track record of successful and timely delivery of mobile and Web applications for small and large companies, including Fortune 500 enterprises.

Complementary Product Partners

DELMIA / Apriso

Apriso is a product portfolio within the DELMIA brand of Dassault Systèmes SE. Global manufacturers have been using Apriso for over 20 years to ease the challenges of global manufacturing operations management. Apriso software synchronizes global manufacturing operations and supply chain networks to deliver real-time visibility and control over business processes performed across plants and suppliers.