To install and use the GM-X ERP Application Suite, you must hold a valid license from Geoprise.

This is a perpetual use license which you can customize to include only the subsystems you require. You'll need to provide your own infrastructure (networks, servers and databases). You can install the GM-X application software yourself. 

To buy GM-X application software directly from Geoprise:

  1. Select the GM-X subsystems you wish to buy. Because each GM-X subsystem is designed to work with other GM-X subsystems, consult our prerequisites to identify all the GM-X subsystems you'll need.
  2. Identify the IP addresses of the servers where the GM-X application software will be installed.
  3. Contact a Geoprise sales and support office to obtain a price quotation and verify your order. We'll send you a customized license agreement to sign and return.
  4. Once you've signed and returned the license agreement, we'll send you an invoice and a link where you can download your software.
  5. Install your software on the servers identified in your license agreement. The software won't work on other servers.  

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