The GM-X Invoice subsystem is responsible for preparing and sending customer invoices to support order-to-bill processes.

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Invoice creation from sales orders

  • Maintains and tracks invoices and details for goods, services or features
  • Optionally links each invoice to the relevant sales order
  • Maintains invoice date and tax date
  • Supports multiple user-defined terms of trade for invoices
  • Allows terms of trade for invoices to be linked to individual invoices or invoice details
  • Supports automatic creation of invoices directly from sales orders
  • Supports multiple user-defined invoicing roles such as data entry clerk, approver, receiver
  • Identifies respective roles of an invoice’s issuing and receiving parties
  • Constructs invoices as PDF documents that can be sent to customers by email
  • Maintains subject and message text for invoices sent to customers by email
  • Supports invoice statuses such as pending, approved, sent, void
  • Automatically tracks the status history for each invoice

Manual invoice and credit note creation

  • Automatically adds standard or required features to invoice details
  • Allows user selection of optional features for invoice details
  • Automatically determines applicable prices, discounts and allowances
  • Automatically determines applicable surcharges and taxes
  • Supports manual creation of credit notes and details