The GM-X ERP For Blockchain White Paper (PDF), which is written for non-technical as well as technical audiences, explains the rationale and concepts for business-to-business (B2B) collaboration using private blockchains. It also provides a detailed description of the GM-X ERP application's built-in blockchain capabilities.

Subjects covered by the white paper include:

  • The global security breach pandemic.
  • Why adoption of centralized cloud services is fueling the pandemic.
  • Why the tradeoff between convenience and security has reached a tipping point.
  • The need for bilateral trust when engaging in B2B collaboration.
  • How blockchain technology makes shared information permanent, tamper-proof and verifiable.
  • How encryption technology gives parties complete control over their information assets.
  • Key GM-X ERP features and benefits.
  • Security challenges with centralized deployment of GM-X ERP for B2B collaboration.
  • How GM-X leverages blockchain and encryption technologies to enhance trust and security.
  • Strategic implications for enterprises.


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