The GM-X Content subsystem maintains rich content in the GM-X database, together with related files such as PDF documents, images, computer-aided design (CAD), spreadsheet, word and media files.

The resulting content may be acessed dynamically by a front-end Web site, such as an online store, instead of being hard-coded into HTML documents. Alternatively, the content may be accessed by other GM-X subsystems. For example, the GM-X Request subsystem can access the Content subsystem to retrieve and display, in a supplier portal, items such as PDF documents and CAD files related to a request for quotation (RFQ) or purchase order. 

When used in conjunction with front-end Web sites, such as online stores, the GM-X Content subsystem provides a single content repository to streamline the sharing of information in real time between one or more front-end Web sites, and the GM-X application which can serve as a back office system, customer portal or supplier portal. This eliminates the complexity of replicating the same information between multiple Web sites. Integrating GM-X and the front-end Web sites is typically done using Web services such as XML-RPC or SOAP.  

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Content management

  • Uploads, stores and tracks individual document files
  • Uploads, stores and tracks folder hierarchies containing document files
  • Document files may include PDF documents, images such as JPEG or PNG files, computer-aided design (CAD) files, office files (spreadsheet, word, presentation), media files such as videos, and HTML files
  • Maintains pages of content for front-end Web sites with optional WYSIWYG editor
  • Photographs, drawings, manuals or videos can be linked to pages of content
  • Each page can be linked to a product category
  • Each page can be linked to a product feature
  • Each page can be categorized by user defined type

Search engine optimization

  • Optional title for search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Optional SEO description
  • Optional SEO keywords