GM-X from Geoprise Technologies is a robust enterprise resources planning (ERP) application suite that streamlines business operations anywhere in the world for top speed, reliability, efficiency and security.

Its finance, supply chain management (SCM), customer relationship management (CRM) and supplier relationship management (SRM) capabilities address the ever-growing need to transact business not only internally, but also beyond the confines of traditional offices and facilities.

GM-X is a complete ERP solution which supports internal as well as external operations:

  • Manages trading relationships with customers, suppliers, third-party logistics providers (3PLs), contract manufacturers and staff on demand;
  • Integrates product data management and Web content management;
  • Manages inventories;
  • Tracks and audits in-transit, consignment, field and trunk stock;
  • Provides self-service portals for customers, suppliers and contractors;
  • Manages electronic exchange of requirements, RFPs, RFQs and quotations;
  • Issues and tracks supplier and contract manufacturing purchase orders;
  • Receives, tracks, fulfils and invoices customer orders;
  • Tracks shipments and deliveries of materials and finished goods;
  • Manages project scheduling and tracks project execution;
  • Monitors work effort and tracks schedules, timesheets and expenses;
  • Provides personnel tracking, applicant tracking, performance reviews and learning management;
  • Automatically monitors quality, availability and on-time delivery performance;
  • Manages accounts receivable, collections, customer payments and clearing;
  • Manages supplier invoices, accounts payable, payment processing and clearing;
  • Tracks and depreciates fixed assets;
  • Tracks and reports the financial performance of individual business entities or functional units; and
  • Consolidates the accounts of individual business entities or functional units for enterprise-wide financial reporting.  

The GM-X application suite consists of 21 integrated subsystems: