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Since its founding 15 years ago, Geoprise Technologies has focused exclusively on delivering top-quality expertise and technology solutions for businesses operating in Asia and the Pacific Rim, Europe and North America.

Geoprise Technologies delivers value with the utmost integrity by maintaining strict independence from other professional firms and technology providers, intense commitment to business ethics and profound respect for intellectual property rights.

Geoprise Releases GM-X Version 5, its Powerful and Visionary Supply Chain Trading Execution System

New supply chain Trading Execution System targets the ever-growing need to transact business at top speed, reliability and efficiency beyond the traditional confines of offices, plants and warehouses.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota, July 10th, 2014 -

Geoprise Technologies today announced the general availability of GM-X Version 5, its robust supply chain Trading Execution System for manufacturers, distributors and retailers. In a related development, Geoprise Technologies also announced the formation of its subsidiary Geoprise Technologies Licensing, a joint venture partnership with Radicore Software of the United Kingdom, through which Geoprise will market and implement the GM-X application suite worldwide.

“A key issue confronting manufacturers, distributors and retailers is the urgent and growing need to integrate marketing and sales, logistics and delivery, after-sales service and supply chain management processes within an overall e-business strategy; however, accounting and enterprise resources planning (ERP) systems must run behind internal firewalls because they contain highly sensitive data,” said Nelson Nones, Geoprise Chairman and CEO. “Exposing such systems to external users, like customers or suppliers, introduces security risks. Consequently, most information technology (IT) security policies forbid running these systems in front of the internal firewall. Organizations must make substantial systems integration investments, or buy expensive software licenses from major software vendors, before they can exchange electronic requests, orders and invoices across networks of collaborative trading relationships. These solutions eventually work, but the cost and complexity are big obstacles that are preventing many enterprises from realizing the full benefits of collaboration.”

GM-X Version 5 overcomes this limitation because the application can run in a demilitarized zone (DMZ) or classified military zone (CMZ), together with an organization’s other front-end Web sites, and connects securely to external Web sites and services as well as an organization’s internal systems using standard Web services and protocols. The GM-X database, meanwhile, resides securely within the internal firewall. In this respect GM-X Version 5 is analogous to full-fledged customer-facing Web applications, like online banking, that end users can see and which connect to the core accounting systems running securely behind an internal firewall by way of “middleware,” the plumbing that end users cannot see. “You could think of GM-X as ‘outerware’ and not ‘middleware’ for supply chain trading execution situations,” Nones said.

Originally developed by Radicore Software, the GM-X package has been successfully deployed by several European and American online retailers as the backbone to their front-end Web sites since 2008. It is a Web application, which means it can be used on the Internet, an extranet as well as a corporate intranet or wide area network (WAN). It can run as a stand-alone application, or in tandem with separate front-end Web sites ― such as business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-business (B2B), supplier portals and electronic data interchange (EDI) services ― that handle e-commerce, e-procurement, or track-and-trace of products and shipments.

GM-X Version 5 consists of 14 subsystems: a foundation subsystem providing secure sign-on and role-based access controls; Product, Content management and Inventory Subsystems for product data management and inventory tracking; the Party Subsystem for managing collaborative trading relationships; Request, Order, Shipment and Invoice Subsystems for end-to-end supply chain trading execution including requisitions, requests for proposals and quotes (RFPs and RFQs), quotations, purchase and sales orders, shipment tracking, invoicing and delivery; Work Effort, Project and Alert Subsystems for work execution, timesheets, expense reporting and document management; a configurable Workflow Subsystem that instantly routes work to the right users; and an Audit Subsystem that automatically tracks all database changes and document views. The application meets the needs of individual companies as well as multi-company enterprises, and delivers advanced multi-language and multi-currency capabilities that far surpass those of comparable software offerings.

Anthony J. Marston, the founder of Radicore Software, will join the Geoprise Technologies management team as Director, Research and Development, Geoprise Technologies Licensing. “I am looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Geoprise,” Marston said. “I have invested many years in designing, developing, enhancing and supporting this product. I believe Radicore Software’s proven development capabilities and Geoprise’s proven marketing skills are a winning combination.”

More information about the GM-X application suite is available on the Geoprise Web site at

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Geoprise Technologies Corporation was formed in 1999 by a group of software executives with over a century of previous cumulative experience building enterprise resources planning (ERP) and manufacturing operations management systems, and implementing them worldwide. The company’s mission, then and now, is to create exceptional value for its customers by harnessing the power and economy of information technology to enable lean, world-class industrial operations on a global scale. Today, Geoprise Technologies focuses exclusively on delivering top-quality expertise and technology solutions for businesses operating in North America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim. Geoprise values integrity by maintaining strict independence, intense commitment to business ethics and profound respect for intellectual property rights. The company’s global headquarters are in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA. Its Asia-Pacific headquarters are located in Bangkok, Thailand and it operates a sales and support office in Singapore. For further information, visit the company’s website at