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“Businesses have begun to engage in increasingly sophisticated uses of information and communication technology. In such firms, B2C and B2B e-commerce are components of an overall e-business strategy. External relations as well as internal processes are being linked. Marketing and sales, logistics and delivery, after-sales service, supply chain management and other business functions are integrated in an overall e-business strategy.

“E-business tools cannot be successfully introduced and implemented without the visionary power and strategic decisions about how to apply information and communication technology for business processes.”


GM-X Work Execution Features

GM-X integrates work effort scheduling, time reporting and expense reporting with project management and tracking and document management and workflow to provide a comprehensive solution for sharing work between parties in a truly collaborative way across a network of trading relationships.

Because of its inherent flexibility, GM-X can be applied to many work execution scenarios, such as:

•  Manufacturing execution by client organizations and contract manufacturers

•  Maintenance work order execution by client organizations and their contractors

•  Service management by client organizations and their contractors

•  Project execution by client organizations and their contractors

Work Effort subsystem for work packages, timesheets and expenses [top]

Work items:

•  Supports any number of work effort types such as program, project, phase, activity

•  Supports any number of work effort purposes such as production, maintenance, R&D

•  Maintains start date and scheduled end date for individual work packages

•  Maintains estimated and actual hours for individual work packages

•  Maintains multi-level work packages (bills of labor)

•  Work packages may be global or facility-specific

•  Supports any number of user-defined work package assignment roles

•  Identifies the parties assigned to each work package, and their respective roles

•  Parties assigned to work packages may be employees or contractors

•  Each party’s work package assignment has a start date and an optional end date

•  Facilities may be designated for work packages, indicating where the work will be done

•  Supports multiple work package statuses such as pending, in progress, completed

•  Automatically tracks the status history for each work package


•  Maintains timesheets and timesheet entries for work package assignments

•  Supports employee or contractor self-service entry of timesheets

•  Supports any number of user-defined timesheet roles such as worker, approver, manager

•  Identifies the roles associated with each timesheet

•  Tracks the status of each timesheet (pending, submitted, approved)


•  Supports any number of expense types

•  Maintains expense reports for work package assignments

•  Supports employee or contractor self-service entry of expense reports

•  Tracks the status of each expense report (pending, submitted, approved)

Project subsystem for project planning and tracking [top]

Project planning and tracking:

•  Maintains any number of projects

•  Each project has a scheduled start and end date

•  Allows entry of free-form project notes

•  Maintains multi-level work breakdown structures (WBS)

•  Work breakdown structures may be created for phases, milestones and activities

•  Predecessor and successor relationships can be defined within the WBS

•  Each element of the WBS has a scheduled start and end date

•  Tracks percentage completion of each WBS element

•  Provides interactive Gantt chart display for each project

•  Gantt chart provides an expandable or collapsible tree view of WBS elements

Issue list tracking:

•  Maintains issue lists for projects

•  Identifies the owner and supporter of each issue

•  Identifies initiation, closure and defer-to dates

•  Allows entry of free-form issue and resolution notes

•  Tracks issue status and ownership from initiation to closure

Alert subsystem for document management and workflow [top]

Document management:

•  Supports multiple document sources and format (PDF, word, spreadsheet, drawing)

•  Optionally accesses external Web sites and applications

•  Optionally accesses documents stored in folders and subfolders

•  Allows any number of versions for each document

•  Supports effective and discontinue dates for each document

•  Allows any number of languages for each document

•  Supports document, folder and subfolder upload

•  Supports document access by role

•  Tracks document views by user

Document workflow:

•  Automatically routes documents for approval using the GM-X workflow engine

•  Supports document approvals by e-signature

•  Optionally supports document approvals using two-factor authentication (TFA)