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“Talent management is going through a major transformation with analytics and mobile among the technologies leading the overhaul. Executives can choose from an array of new talent management tools such as micro-videos for employee learning, applications for continuous performance management, and mobile access.

“Talent management tools affect every aspect of a company and give HR a key role in improving business results instead of just overseeing personnel transactions. The area includes human capital management software for talent acquisition, onboarding, employee engagement, training, performance management, compensation, succession management, reporting and analytics.

“Companies are buying new performance management platforms and using people analytics to improve retention and innovation and reduce fraud.

“Despite concerns about security, mobile is also picking up speed in talent management. Mobile can make it easier for employees to use software for core HR records, performance management, recruiting and talent acquisition.”

- TechTarget

GM-X Strategic Human Resource Management Features

Strategic human resource management focuses on attracting and retaining the best talent for an organization. The GM-X application suite provides employment tracking, applicant tracking and recruiting, performance review and learning management capabilities to support strategic HR management. It streamlines these strategic processes to utilize human capital as efficiently as possible, and allow those people to continually grow and develop – thereby increasing employee satisfaction and retention.

Personnel subsystem for strategic human resources management [top]

The GM-X Party and Personnel subsystems provide personnel tracking capabilities to maintain a centralized source of information for employees and other personnel, such as contractors, including basic data such as names, identification information, contact information, skills and qualifications, past employment and demographic information.

In addition, the GM-X Party and Personnel subsystems provide an applicant tracking system (ATS) to maintain a centralized database for storing applicant information and employment applications throughout the application process. Key features include candidate tracking, application status monitoring and direct integration with the GM-X Survey, Workflow and Alert subsystems for talent assessments, recruitment workflow process enactment and document sharing.

The GM-X Party and Personnel subsystems also provide performance review capabilities allowing supervisors to conduct and track reviews with employees. Key features include goal management, performance measurement and bell curve ranking, as well as talent bench review and talent pool-based succession planning using the 9-box model.

Finally, the GM-X Personnel subsystem provides learning management capabilities to establish a centralized hub for monitoring new employee training and the ongoing skills development of existing employees. Features include content management for computer-based training (CBT), curriculum and certification path definition, testing and reporting.

Job function, position and employment tracking: [top]

•  Any number of job functions (responsibilities) can be defined

•  Any number of position types can be defined

•  For each position type, any number of positions can be defined within an organization

•  Supports permanent or temporary positions

•  Allows estimated and actual effective and discontinue dates for temporary positions

•  Supports full-time or part-time positions

•  Positions can be linked to job functions (responsibilities) with effective date

•  Allows any number of position statuses to be defined, with full status history

•  A person can have one or more periods of employment, with start and end dates

•  Allows photographs to be uploaded and linked to each person

•  A person can fill multiple positions within each period of employment, with start and end dates

•  Stores current salary and dates of last and previous promotions, if any, by employee

•  Stores date of last organizational change, if any, by employee

•  Any number of termination types and reasons can be defined

•  Retains termination type and reason when a period of employment terminates

Personnel skills and qualifications tracking: [top]

•  Tracks top talent indicator by employee

•  Any number of skill types can be defined

•  Personnel (employees, contractors) can have multiple skill types and levels

•  Personnel skills can indicate the date when the skill was first used, and years of experience

•  Any number of qualification types can be defined

•  Any number of recognized or accredited certification programs can be defined

•  Any number of academic degrees can be defined

•  Personnel can have multiple qualifications, with start and end dates

•  Personnel qualifications can reference multiple certification programs and academic degrees

•  Each person can have one or more resumes, with effective dates

•  Supports uploading and viewing of resume documents

Applicant tracking: [top]

•  Any number of application source types (recruiter, advertisement) can be defined

•  Tracks applications by person and date, referencing the position and application source type

•  Allows any number of application statuses to be defined, with full status history

•  Supports uploading and viewing of multiple attachments such as work samples and simulations

•  Tracks all completed values assessment questionnaires and scores for each application

•  Tracks all completed strength finder questionnaires and scores for each application

•  Tracks all completed emotional intelligence questionnaires and scores for each application

•  Tracks all completed cognitive ability and problem-solving tests and scores for each application

•  Tracks all completed personality and conscientiousness tests and scores for each application

•  Provides searchable, real time lists of applications, attachments and talent scores

•  Optional ability to dynamically map selected applications onto a visual 9-box model

Performance review: [top]

•  Supports any number of job grades by geographic area, with maximum salary and currency

•  Supports assignment of current job grades to personnel

•  Any number of performance grades (for e.g. A, B, C, D, E) can be defined

•  Supports recurring (annual, semi-annual) and ad-hoc performance assessment cycles

•  Automatically initiates performance assessments for annual and semi-annual cycles

•  Option to skip or exclude specific employees from the next recurring assessment cycle

•  Supports employee self-assessment with routing to direct supervisor when complete

•  Supports supervisor assessments with ability to copy and modify appraisal responses

•  Supports matrixed assessments and self-assessments (multiple appraisals per assessment)

•  Automatically creates appraisal questionnaire invitations when initiating assessment cycles

•  Allows employees to upload supplementary self-assessment attachments

•  Allows supervisors to return self-assessment questionnaires to employees for amendment

•  Tracks all completed performance appraisal questionnaires and scores for each appraisal

•  Tracks current status and status history for all performance assessment and related appraisals

•  Tracks active days, sick days and unpaid days for current and all historical assessment cycles

•  Provides searchable, real time lists of assessments, related appraisals and attachments

•  Allows supervisors and approvers to manually override system-calculated performance grades

•  Dynamically displays visual performance bell curve chart and data to supervisors and approvers

•  Optional ability to dynamically map personnel onto a visual 9-box chart

•  Pre-filters lists and charts to show only the relevant personnel for supervisors and approvers

•  Allows supervisors and approvers to manually override system-calculated performance grades

•  Allows supervisors and approvers to make promotion recommendations with justification

•  Allows supervisors and approvers to make job rotation recommendations with justification

•  Allows supervisors and approvers to indicate personnel needing development, with justification

•  Allows supervisors and approvers to make salary adjustment recommendations with amounts

•  Optionally allows personnel, supervisors and approvers to provide additional comments

•  Allows supervisors and approvers to complete and approve assessments online, in real time

•  Provides online report cards (PDF format) to personnel, with acknowledgment

•  Optional ability to extract employee assessment details onto spreadsheets

•  Allows human resources administrators to finalize and close assessment cycles

•  Maintains full history of performance assessments and related appraisals for each employee

•  Any number of miscellaneous performance note types can be defined

•  Allows miscellaneous performance notes to be kept by employee, referencing the note type

•  Miscellaneous performance notes record the communication date and covered period

Learning management: [top]

•  Any number of training class types can be defined

•  Supports uploading and viewing of computer-based training (CBT) for training class types

•  Tracks training received by personnel, with start and end dates

•  Tracks all completed tests and scores for training received by personnel

•  Automatically logs CBT received by personnel