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“Geoprise added considerable value above and beyond what we customarily expect, including rigorous testing, performance monitoring, system tuning and round-the-clock support after the new system went live.”

- Ansell Limited

Geoprise Technologies: A Visionary Company

Geoprise Technologies was formed in 1999 by a group of software executives with over a century of previous cumulative experience building enterprise resources planning (ERP) systems and manufacturing operations management systems, and implementing them worldwide.

Our mission, then and now, is to create exceptional value for our customers by harnessing the power and economy of information technology to enable lean, world-class industrial operations on a global scale.

Today, Geoprise Technologies focuses exclusively on delivering top-quality expertise and technology solutions for businesses operating in North America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim.

We deliver value with the utmost integrity through strict independence from other professional firms and technology providers, continuing professional accreditation, intense commitment to business ethics and profound respect for intellectual property rights.

The global economy and the information technology sector in particular have experienced considerable volatility since Geoprise Technologies was formed. During the past fifteen years, we have successfully achieved organic growth without resorting to external funding that might put the health and reputation of our business at risk. As a result, Geoprise Technologies today enjoys consistent year-over-year business growth, with a strong balance sheet and no debt.